SkyMagik Internet Services


Behind the Scenes

Believe it or not! Some of the DEC Alpha equipment used to start the company over 2 decades ago is still in operation today (albeit serving tertiary functions).

For maximum quality of service, SkyMagik Internet Services is distributed across several facilities. All of the servers in use are installed, managed and fully owned by us. We do not lease equipment or resell hosting. Some webservers are colocated at the pair Networks operations center, located in Pittsburgh, PA. Other servers are located in different areas in Western PA. And at times, we've been known to have servers located around the world.

In any given rack of servers, you may find Supermicro, Dell, IBM, HP, and Sun hardware. We utilize modern remote access tools and event monitoring, and we also employ serial console switches for out-of-band console management.

We utilize HP-UX, CentOS Linux, and Ubuntu Linux Operating systems. Virtual machine environments are utilized when possible to maximize the benefit of the hardware and software stacks. Systems are built using best practices, implemented via innovative automation mechanisms developed by SkyMagik Internet Services, and the configurations can be consistently reproduced using OS packages. This results in an extremely stable environment.

For business continuity and disaster recovery, we have automated onsite and offsite backup mechanisms using daily site-to-site file transfers.